Here’s an overview of the original course schedule, which I’ll keep up-to-date reflecting our decisions and revisions.

Unit 1: What is a Game, and What is Play?

Week One:
Tues: Introductions; What’s a game? Talking about play. Intro to participation Technologies.  Syllabus editing. What is rhetoric? Read for Thurs: p.136 of Bogost’s “Rhetoric of Video Games
Thurs: Syllabus review. Discussion: Extrapolating to build a definition of “game” using p.136. Research teams. Weekly Research & Annotated Bibliography assignment. Weekly writing assignment & technology.

Week Two Due: Rhetorical Analysis 1, Weekly Research 1 (Sun)
Tuesday: What is Rhetoric? Read Tania Smith on What is Rhetoric and Casey Boyle on What is Rhetoric. Generate and trouble definition.

Thursday: What is a Game and What is Play?
Manifesto for a Ludic Century.” Huizinga’s definition of a game. Review Syllabus.  Rhetorical Analysis I Due. Annotated Bibliography Entry

Week Three: Read:Chapter 1 of Homo Ludens  Play Animal Crossing. Rhetorical Analysis II Due before class. Annotated Bibliography Entry by Sunday 1159.

Week Four: Jesper Juul, “Looking for a Heart of Gameness.” Game vs Play—ontologies and Activities.  Play Portal. Rhetorical Analysis III. Annotated Bibliography Entry. Assign Project/Essay 1

Week Five: Ethical Life as a Game: Epictetus and Play. Read Enchiridion. Play Razor’s Edge. Rhetorical Analysis IV. Annotated Bibliography Entry. Proposals for Project/Essay 1.

Week Six: Class Workshop: Drafting and Revising Project/Essay 1. Annotated Bibliography Entry.

Week Seven: Conferences out of class. Annotated Entry Due.

Essay/Project 1 Due 10/16

Unit Three: Procedural Rhetoric of Gaming

Putting the Play in Plato: Plato’s Laws and Logos. Read Laws, (643b-650b and 673c to 674c) and (803a-805b).

Week Eight:
Learning to Play: Ian Bogost on Procedurality from “Rhetoric of Video Games.” Presentations of Projects. Play: A Dark Room and Sara is Missing

Week Nine: Ubiquitous Gaming.  Read Montola’s “Exploring the Edge of the Magic Circle: Defining Pervasive Games.” Play Aris. Rhetorical Analysis VII. Annotated Bibliography Entry. Assign Annotated Bibliography. Assign Final Seminar Paper/Project.


Unit Four: Ecologies of Gaming

Week Ten:  Play and Ambiguity: Brian Sutton Smith from “The Rhetorics of Play” Play Little Big Planet. Rhetorical Analysis VIII. Annotated Bibliography Entry.

Week Eleven: Play and emotional response. Read James Paul Gee’s “Semiotic domains.” Play GTA. Rhetorical Analysis IX. Annotated Bibliography Entry.

Week Twelve: Gender and Games.  Read Henry Jenkins’ “Video Games as Gendered Spaces” and Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian on Gamer Gate and Gender. Play: Depression Quest. Rhetorical Analysis X. Annotated Bibliography Entry. Assign Annotated Bibliography. Assign Final Seminar Paper/Project.


Unit Five: Final Project Workshop

Week Thirteen: Rohrer on Game Design for Information Aesthetics. Read, Rohrer Everyday Games and Biolpolitics.  Play Passage. Annotated Bibliography Due. Proposals for Project/Essay 2 in class.

Week Fourteen: Class Workshop: Drafting and Revising Project/Essay 2.


Final Project Due

Finals Week: Present Final Projects.