Assignments & Grades

Weekly Rhetorical Analysis 15%

I’ll ask very direct short writing questions to help you dig to the heart of difficult texts, engage with the breadth of material, and develop expertise.  These will be due at the start of class each week, will be on material we haven’t yet discussed, and will not be accepted late.  7 Analyses are assigned; I’ll drop your lowest and average the rest for your grade.

WeeklyResearch & Annotated Bibliography 10+5=15%

You’ll prepare an annotated bibliography of out-of-class sources for the semester.  The annotated bibliography provides an interpretive perspective on the selected research items, driven by a specific research focus. Your annotated bibliography will contain ten sources, published recently (in this century).

Participation, Presentation, and Class Leadership: 20%

This seminar requires you to drive the intellectual focus of our class through the technology of discussion: sharing one’s thoughts and ideas with others, and responding to the thoughts and ideas of others.  I’ll ask you to lead the class briefly, require you to share your work, and grade your acts of participation.

Projects:  20% & 30%

You’ll build two beyond-the-class projects this semester, projects which invoke and assess the rhetoric of games and of gaming.  The projects will involve a substantial period of reflection, framing, building, workshopping, and revising.  I’ll expect you to work collaboratively—presenting your ideas to the class, demonstrating an openness to feedback and revising your work.  A shorter project and a longer project will be required.  You will determine for yourself which of the projects will be worth 20 & 30 % of the final grade.  One of the projects will be due at midterm, and the other will be due at the Final Exam period.